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Author: Christian Renner

  • Inherits the Void – Scars of Yesteryears

    Inherits the Void – Scars of Yesteryears

    If you are a reader of this site you know that I normally prefer to highlight forgotten albums from the past that didn’t get the attention they deserved or that were unfairly panned (in my opinion at least). Today however we have the new album from Antoine Scholtes, the man behind this incredible Atmospheric/Melodic Black…

  • Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime

    Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime

    I was inspired to write this review after seeing the mighty Wayfarer (Stormkeep’s main band) in Lincoln, Nebraska on the final night of their US tour with Sonja. I was completely enamored with this album when it was first released and I am certainly not the only one as it ended up on a LOT…

  • ADON – Adon Review

    ADON – Adon Review

    I normally don’t do “new” album reviews as I like to focus on music that people may have overlooked or has gotten panned a bit unfairly. I made an exception with ADON and their self titled debut. I had this on my list of albums to check out on its official release date of April…

  • Nevermore – Dead Heart in a Dead World

    Nevermore – Dead Heart in a Dead World

    This review was suggested by a friend (Kim Gordon, this ones for you) and it instantly made me wonder why I had not thought about doing this before. I absolutely adore this band and especially this album in particular. It is one of my “holy grail” albums to try and find on vinyl (This REALLY…

  • Saidan – Onryo II : Her Spirit Eternal

    Saidan – Onryo II : Her Spirit Eternal

    This album came out of nowhere for me and it has been a favorite ever since. Could even be why the podcast and this very website exist. Justin and I became friends over our mutual love of this album and I’m sure we both play this album quite frequently to this day. “Onryo II” throws…