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  • Harsh Vocals – Episode 11 – Metal & Mental Health

    Harsh Vocals – Episode 11 – Metal & Mental Health

    For our eleventh episode, we discuss Metal and Mental Health. How does metal help us cope with our negative emotions? Are all Metalheads violent sociopaths? Is Metal akin to therapy? Christian, the Metal Therapist has answers to all these questions and more! Of course, we also discuss each of our top 3 tracks from the…

  • In Vain – Solemn Review

    In Vain – Solemn Review

    2024 continues to be the year that just gives and gives, at least relating to music. In Vain’s most recent opus, Solemn is the latest (and possibly greatest) incredible gift we’ve been given this year. In Vain’s sound is extremely hard to define. They are a mix of complex progressive melodies, black metal tones, death…

  • ADON – Adon Review

    ADON – Adon Review

    I normally don’t do “new” album reviews as I like to focus on music that people may have overlooked or has gotten panned a bit unfairly. I made an exception with ADON and their self titled debut. I had this on my list of albums to check out on its official release date of April…

  • Harsh Vocals – Episode 07 – Frisson

    Harsh Vocals – Episode 07 – Frisson

    For our seventh episode, we wanted to talk a bit more about ourselves and our musical tastes/journey, but we also ended up discussing the importance of emotion in metal music. Hence the episode title – Frisson. Frisson is defined as a psychophysiological response to rewarding stimuli – or getting goosebumps when the emotionally driven music…

  • Kreator – Endorama

    Kreator – Endorama

    “Endorama” by Kreator, released in 1999, is a massive change from the band’s Thrash Metal roots, showcasing a more experimental and atmospheric approach. The album is a bold exploration of a different musical direction, incorporating elements of gothic and industrial metal. While the move from Kreator’s signature Thrash sound initially surprised some longtime fans, “Endorama”…