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  • Harsh Vocals – Episode 07 – Frisson

    Harsh Vocals – Episode 07 – Frisson

    For our seventh episode, we wanted to talk a bit more about ourselves and our musical tastes/journey, but we also ended up discussing the importance of emotion in metal music. Hence the episode title – Frisson. Frisson is defined as a psychophysiological response to rewarding stimuli – or getting goosebumps when the emotionally driven music…

  • Kreator – Endorama

    Kreator – Endorama

    “Endorama” by Kreator, released in 1999, is a massive change from the band’s Thrash Metal roots, showcasing a more experimental and atmospheric approach. The album is a bold exploration of a different musical direction, incorporating elements of gothic and industrial metal. While the move from Kreator’s signature Thrash sound initially surprised some longtime fans, “Endorama”…

  • Anthrax – The Sound of White Noise

    Anthrax – The Sound of White Noise

    When I was thinking about what reviews I would do for Harsh Vocals, I thought I would focus on albums that may have not have gotten the attention they deserved and that new(ish) metal heads can go back and check out. That will still be my focus but I thought i would also shine a…