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ADON – Adon Review

I normally don’t do “new” album reviews as I like to focus on music that people may have overlooked or has gotten panned a bit unfairly. I made an exception with ADON and their self titled debut. I had this on my list of albums to check out on its official release date of April 12th but unfortunately it wasn’t posted. That’s ok as that happens now and then and albums will usually appear a day or two later. In this case however I was just about to give up on and it finally arrived almost a week late. Then I listened. Then I listened again. Then for a third time. I was blown away. The main point of this website and the corresponding podcast is highlighting amazing music and this album fully fits that description so let’s get to this review!

The album plunges listeners into the depths of Black Metal with an intensity that is both ferocious and haunting. From the relentless blast beats courtesy of guest drummer James Stewart (Vader, Decapitated) and killer riffs of multi instrumentalist Argonath, the band unleashes a pure sonic onslaught that is sure to burn itself into your mind. Each track is a journey through themes of despair, nihilism, and existential dread, delivered with raw emotion and ferocity in the vocal performance of Aethelwulf II.

What sets ADON apart bit apart from some other Black Metal acts is their ability to seamlessly blend traditional elements of the genre with innovative experimentation (check out the title track for an example of what I mean). Atmospheric interludes that lead to unexpected shifts in tempo and overall tone keep listeners engaged in not knowing where the band is headed next. This is definitely not paint by numbers Black Metal. This willingness to push the boundaries of the genre while staying true to its roots is what really struck me about this release. This album also rewards the listener with repeated listens as it opens up further and further and new things are discovered that add even more depth. The more I listen to this album the more I am shocked that this is a debut from an unsigned band. The level of quality in every aspect of the songwriting, musicianship and overall sound of the stellar production of this album is simply something special.

Overall, ADON’s self titled debut is an album that demands as well as deserves attention of any fan of the genre and even if you aren’t a fan of the genre but can handle harsh vocals, give this one a shot. With their uncompromising sound and fearless approach in their songwriting, ADON proves that this is a band with a TON of talent. Fans of Melodic Black Metal looking for something new to become addicted to should not hesitate to check this album out. Highly recommended.

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