Reviews, Interviews, and Podcasts concerning the best Extreme Metal music

Author: Christian Renner

  • Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime

    Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime

    I was inspired to write this review after seeing the mighty Wayfarer (Stormkeep’s main band) in Lincoln, Nebraska on the final night of their US tour with Sonja. I was completely enamored with this album when it was first released and I am certainly not the only one as it ended up on a LOT…

  • ADON – Adon Review

    ADON – Adon Review

    I normally don’t do “new” album reviews as I like to focus on music that people may have overlooked or has gotten panned a bit unfairly. I made an exception with ADON and their self titled debut. I had this on my list of albums to check out on its official release date of April…

  • Nevermore – Dead Heart in a Dead World

    Nevermore – Dead Heart in a Dead World

    This review was suggested by a friend (Kim Gordon, this ones for you) and it instantly made me wonder why I had not thought about doing this before. I absolutely adore this band and especially this album in particular. It is one of my “holy grail” albums to try and find on vinyl (This REALLY…

  • Saidan – Onryo II : Her Spirit Eternal

    Saidan – Onryo II : Her Spirit Eternal

    This album came out of nowhere for me and it has been a favorite ever since. Could even be why the podcast and this very website exist. Justin and I became friends over our mutual love of this album and I’m sure we both play this album quite frequently to this day. “Onryo II” throws…

  • Kreator – Endorama

    Kreator – Endorama

    “Endorama” by Kreator, released in 1999, is a massive change from the band’s Thrash Metal roots, showcasing a more experimental and atmospheric approach. The album is a bold exploration of a different musical direction, incorporating elements of gothic and industrial metal. While the move from Kreator’s signature Thrash sound initially surprised some longtime fans, “Endorama”…