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Saidan – Onryo II : Her Spirit Eternal

This album came out of nowhere for me and it has been a favorite ever since. Could even be why the podcast and this very website exist. Justin and I became friends over our mutual love of this album and I’m sure we both play this album quite frequently to this day. “Onryo II” throws listeners into a relentless sonic mixture, blending killer guitar riffs with thunderous drumming, creating an atmosphere that reminds you of a hurricane sized storm right before it is about to make landfall. The unyielding aggression and technical prowess are evident throughout the album, delivering an experience that just seems to crawl under your skin and demands you pay attention. The listener is rewarded with some very intense black metal that will bring you back time and time again.

The album’s lyrical themes explore the realm of Japanese folklore and the supernatural, adding something once again, that is not normally found within the realm of most Black Metal. Saidan’s exploration of these influences provides a unique narrative backdrop for this overall intense trip. “Onryo II” showcases the band’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Black Metal and making for an insanely compelling listen for fans of the genre.

Overall, this album is an ambitious and bold undertaking into the depths of extreme metal, mixing technical ability with ferocity. Be forewarned, this album is intense but in a good way and even if you are overwhelmed by it at first, its a damn fun ride and one you will come to appreciate if you are a fan of the genre.

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  1. Justin Corbett Avatar

    For my two cents – It’s literally the most “fun” black metal album I’ve ever heard. The punk elements blended with the melodies and the technically perfect black metal really creates a mixture of sound that’s hyperactive, beautiful, dark, and fun. It was a top10 album for me in 2022. Very excited for what Saidan does next!

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