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Void Ceremony – Threads of Unknowing

“The despair in which a being experiences life is only through temporal passage.”

Cosmic philosophy and alien psychedelia have been a welcome addition to the Death Metal oeuvre. Not only a lyrical theme, these bands incorporate shifting and mystifying song structures, extensive solos, and a massive ambient texture that can feel either uplifting or downright oppresive depending on the band. Championed in recent years by Blood Incantation, this sound builds off genre stalwarts The Chasm, Morbid Angel, and Timeghoul.

Void Ceremony is Garret Johnson on Guitar/Vocals/composition, joined by the ever impressive Phil Tougas also on Guitar/Vox, Fretted/less guitar is handled by Damon Good of Stargazer, Charlie Koryn rounds out on drums and percussion.

On Threads of Unowing Death Metal is played like jazz. The songs travel through a bizarre noneuclidian space transporting the listener to a destination resembling the album cover. The riffs are dynamic and expansive, bass is ever present and audible, and drumming is exact yet subtle. Everything is intentional and thought out. Even the solos have names! Songs are short or mid length and never feel boring or repetitive at 37 minutes total. At times, the songs feel doomy or have the tension release reminiscent of black metal, keeping the album engaging.

Treads… was one of my favorite albums of 2023 and an excellent example of this style of Death Metal. This is their second release, and I can only look forward to what’s next from this group. Copies are available through label 20 buck spin and other distros. Full recommendation for those looking for engaging and unique death metal, FFO Tomb Mold, ├ćnigmatum, Horrendous, Loud bass lines, mysterious passages to impossible planes of existence, and the cosmos

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