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Harsh Vocals – Episode 06 – Physical Media

For our sixth episode, we discussed the topic of Physical Media. Both of us are huge Vinyl collectors, and we wanted to talk about why we got into collecting, the best places to shop, preorders, and some tips and tricks of the hunt. We each brought our top 3 tracks from the past two weeks to the show and discussed them at length. We also covered a few “Honorable Mentions” because 2024 continues to impress. To close out the show, we discussed a blast from the past –Gates of Ishtar’s “Battles to Come”. We enjoyed recording this episode and hope you enjoy it as well! If you do, please leave us a review on your preferred Podcast app!

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Songs in this Episode:

  • Necrophobic – Clavis Inferni
  • Aborted – The Golgothan
  • Atrophy – Seeds of Sorrow
  • Temor – My Sorrow’s Rage
  • Nastergal – My Wandering Soul
  • Motherwood – Echoes of the Void
  • Gates of Ishtar – Battles to Come

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