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Necropohobic – Hrimthursum

The review section of this blog is going to be a bit different from most websites (at least the ones I write at least). I want to focus more on albums that the wider Heavy Metal landscape may have overlooked. I figure the podcast will focus on new music and talking about those albums and then also writing a review may be a bit redundant. That being said, I am going to start with the band Necrophobic and their album from 2006, “Hrimthursum”.

Necrophobic is one of those bands I have always felt should be WAY more popular than they are. “Hrimthursum” is simply a masterful example of pitch perfect Blackened Death Metal that showcases the band’s relentless audible assault while still never losing sight of those dark atmospheric passages that they are known for. From the very beginning of this record, you are immersed in a haunting and aggressive soundscape that is driven by killer guitar riffs, insane drum work and vocals that are spewed forth with contempt rather than simply sang. The band’s ability to blend that aggression and brutality with moments of truly mesmerizing melody makes for a fantastically dynamic and engaging listening experience. Lyrically, the album adds even more depth to the proceedings here with an exploration of occult and esoteric themes. This really makes the tracks stand out with this overall sense of mysticism and an almost oppressive sense of darkness. This makes the album feel much larger in scope and ramps up the immersive nature of the music even more. Each song feels like a chapter in a sinister journey that is used to pull the listener in. Personally, I suggest getting any Necrophobic album on vinyl and sitting with the artwork and lyrics to get the full sense of what I mean. Necrophobic is an experience that deserves your attention and not something you would use as background music.

Something also worthy of note is the stellar production. This is something that Necrophobic has always had and in the early days of the genre, this was not always the case but the band has always tried to make sure it was for any of their releases. They strike this perfect balance between raw intensity and clarity that has had the band stand out from very early on. The mix allows each instrument to be heard clearly while preserving the visceral impact that is a hallmark of this genre and Necrophobic in particular. 

Overall, “Hrimthursum” stands as a formidable entry in the Blackened Death Metal genre, showcasing the bands’ ability to create an album that is both technically impressive as well as being emotionally powerful. If you missed this album, give it a listen and comment on your thoughts below. If you have heard this album, revisit it, you will be glad you did.

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