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Mycorrhizae – The Great Filtration

“I interlace, nourish all I’m playing in the sun”

Fungal is a fun way to describe music, mycelial even more so. Black Metal is ironically a perfect vessel for this often joyous and fruitful sound, Dungeon synth and the obvious electronic music being other successful fungal mediums. Psychedelic Black Metal is rooted in patterns and repetition and, in this way, often conjures images easily infiltrated by mycelial  networks revealing ever complex and mesmerizing soundscapes. The Great Filtration is an album that illustrates all of this perfectly.

Mycorrhizae is the entity known as Collector on all instruments, while Forager was called upon for vocals. Riffs permeate every piece of this album and take the forefront of the music, while the Bass and Drums provide a hearty background. The music weaves in and out, always growing, triumphantly fruiting in new and unexpected ways. Vocals provide a harsh contrast to the crisp music rounding out the sound and are even catchy at points.

Pictured below is the currently sold out cassette, however, a vinyl version is coming soon in the upcoming Ixiol batch (stay vigilant and good luck). Big Bovine Industrial Waste had copies briefly and still has their debut 7″, they may have more one day, again keep watch.  A very cool video for “Strength in Space” is a must watch linked below.

J-Card with band photo



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