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Gudsforladt – Friendship, Love and War

“I’ll die smiling. On the ship to Valinor.”

The Rider is charged with an eternal duty: to ride on. Seeking the Ancient Ones he is joined by friends The Wizard and The Criminal, together they ride on while an evil presence makes itself known.

Gudsforladt is DM who is affiliated with Night of the Palemoon, a fantastic Black metal circle/label from California specializing in Black metal with some pagan/melo/atmo flavor.

On Friendship, Love and War majestic mid-paced Black metal is driven by sweeping melodies and fiercely shrieked vocals. Percussion and battery lay in the background providing a solid foundation for the story to be told. The album is about 55 minutes long and nothing feels rushed or drawn out, instead certain passages will often leave me wanting more, and warranting many replays. Songs are dynamic and distinct, never boring. As the tale takes a turn so does the music giving each side of the album a distinct side motivating full playthrough. The vinyl was about a year and half in waiting but has been my favorite physical release recently with a fantastic booklet that tells the story in word and fantastic illustration.

Currently available in the US from NotP and Gudsforladt himself via their bandcamp pages I highly recommend a physical version if you can get it before they disappear again. “Righteous, Pure, and True Black Metal” is how the band is self described and no other words will do it justice. Full recommendation for everyone and eternal hails to DM for this truly captivating, impactful and beautiful creation.

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