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7 EPs to listen to

EP’s and Demo’s are lowkey my favorite forms of physical release for certain genres. Raw Black Metal, Hardcore and Skramz are pretty different musically but are often best experienced in short bursts especially live in person. These releases allow bands and musicians to experiment with their sound and can often deliver statements and messages with a poignant efficiency. They serve as key points in the musical landscapes and are often indicative of nascent sounds and textures that find their way into different scenes and eras of music. Here are 7 EPs/Demos that I think illustrate many new ideas and are generally just really good and have my full reccomendation.

Keys to the Astral Gates and Mythic Doors

Best logo

Romantic Black Metal is a phrase I don’t hear often but is something that inherently makes sense to me. On their 2nd Demo Pit Dweller and Ludwig the Bloodsucker deliver raw Black Metal with a uniquely soft harshness to it. Staring with distant, hypnotic Black Metal that quickly turns to a frozen hailstorm of riffs and battery, they then veer into an ambient journey to one of my favorite songs this year “What is that Glimmer ‘top the Looming Bell”. Frigid yet familiar riffs break through the storm to soar bright and transport one to a dreamlike realm of bizarre tranquility. The overall effect is frankly romantic and cozy, FFO short walks in the snow, remembering dreams from another life, and the LLN. Keys is available on BANDCAMP patches and shirts are available via the Grime Stone BANDCAMP, hopefully more physical copies are unleashed one day.

Kaonashi-The 3 Faces of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation of Morgan Montgomery

Morgan himself

Hardcore’s Roshamon equivalent writes another chapter of their hyper-complex and lore rich story. This time from the perspective of Morgan, you will need to do some homework on yt and ig to appreciate the whole story, however, the music and lyrics on this release are a good entry point for newcomers to the band. Kaonashi writes sick ass hardcore that at times can veer close to DM riffs before turning into rabid chugs or virulent breakdowns. Peter Rono has perhaps the most unique voice in music, a high pitched snarl that is easy to understand but could in no way be called clean singing, he also sings and talks cleanly where called for. See them live it’s awesome and they’re very nice people. EP is available on BANDCAMP and merch is available from the band and their labels. Physical copies were briefly available but are long sold out, however, they have another EP coming out 5/31 so my hopes are up for copies of both.

Restrictor Plate-Slamtona 500

Hell yea

Sometimes it’s fun to be dumb and when I need to turn off my brain I typically put on some PV, war or mince but every now and then I get the hankering for some real super low iq stuff and slam fits that niche perfectly. Admittedly I’m very picky with this stuff but Restrictor Plate is more on the DM side of things as opposed to the overproduced shiney Deathcore realm so it stays interesting and doesn’t get lost in breakdowns and effects. Nascar themed and ready to “Praise Hell, Raise Dale” this release is just fun and stays interesting after multiple plays. Available on their BANDCAMP, physicals are again long gone but hopefully the band stays around to put out more stuff

Amputaciya Kentawra


Eastern European absurdity from Belarus, featuring members of the most excellent Zhmach who should be listened to at once if unfamiliar. This release is a strange melange of raw punkish BM, acoustic music, and incoherent babbling. The first song is straight forward, the second starts like you expect but revolves into rambling and shouting that is transposed into the next track, an acoustic track featuring bare percussion and alot of horns, and more yelling into the void. The demo concludes with a thoughtful yet warped outro that leaves the listener wanting. There is a physical 7″ released by the incomparable Ixiol (new batch this week so I suggest you grab this as well) and a cassette by the infamous Grime Stone Records so seek out a copy and Enjoy

Bidirna Dhamani – Brihot Buru

India is a hotbed of the most extreme metal being released right now, Tetragrammicide probably being the biggest one currently. Kolkata Inner Order Propganda is the label responsible for this caustic music and Bidirna Dhamani is the latest output. Crushing, devastating, slow paced death metal is played for about 30 minutes comprised of two songs. Fans of Spectral Voice and Death Doom in general will have alot to enjoy with this almost hypnotic release. Featuring art and themes that could only originate from the other side of the world, this EP is a great entry point for people into the Indian Extreme scene. Available on BANDCAMP physical cassettes were pressed by Goatawarex and some may still be floating around at the usual suspected distros.

Vetharn-Forestry Crafter

Craft for the Enderdragon

Minecraft inspired DSBM isn’t something I expected to find this year but somehow it makes perfect sense. Minecraft can be a deeply lonely experience and there is enough lore and worldbuilding to form a Ender worshipping, evil forest vibe that conveys the same level of blasphemy that any other satanic band displays. Vetharn on this release is primarily depressive riffs with deep raspy vocals that mark a stylistic difference to other DSBM. Available on BANDCAMP no physical is expected at this point. Buy their material it’s all interesting and often veers into war metal territory which I love.

Sunrise Patriot Motion – My Father Took Me Hunting In The Snow

The viewpoint of a madman

Sunrise Patriot Motion is a goth tinged amalgamation of shoegaze, black metal, and crystalline goth electronics. The brothers Skarstad (YELLOW EYES!!!) lead the band on guitars and are joined on this release by three others, SPM presents a clear vision that remains hard to categorize. Black Metal meshes with different flavors of Goth music and   a bizarre and confusing atmosphere. Lost in a field of madness and absurdity, the protagonist of Black Fellflower Stream continues his frantic search, digging down to an imagined river of oil. The music reflects a state of mania with moments of clarity and panic. Listening to this band evokes the surreal and hazy reality of our existence. Available digitally and on tape via BANDCAMP I can not recommend this and their previous album enough. New material from Yellow Eyes is also on the horizon. The hype is real.

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