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Harsh Vocals – Episode 09 – Lyrical Themes

For our ninth episode, we discuss Lyrical Themes and their importance in Metal. Can good lyrics ever save bad music? Can good music make up for poor lyrics? Listen as we go deep. Of course, we also discuss each of our top 3 tracks from the unbelievably stacked past two weeks as well as several honorable mentions. To close out the show, we play a blast from the past that Christian picked – Carnal Forge’s “I Smell Like Death (Son of a Bastard!)” off of their album Firedemon. We enjoyed recording this episode and hope you enjoy it as well! If you do, please leave us a review on your preferred Podcast app!

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Songs in this Episode:

  • DVNE – Sarmatae
  • Amiensus – Vermillion Fog of War
  • Walg – Als Een Korrel Zand
  • Oak, Ash & Thorn – Ten Years on the Tundra
  • ADON – Azimuth
  • In Vain – Season of Unrest
  • Carnal Forge – I Smell Like Death (Son of a Bastard!)

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