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Harsh Vocals – Episode 05 – Live Shows

For our fifth episode, we discussed the topic of Live Shows, including what we like and dislike about them, what could be done better, and some innovative things we’ve noticed at recent shows. We each brought our top 3 tracks from the past two weeks to the show and discussed them at length. We also covered a few “Honorable Mentions” because again, it’s been another couple of stellar weeks. To close out the show, we discussed a blast from the past – Opeth’s “Serenity Painted Death”. We enjoyed recording this episode and hope you enjoy it as well! If you do, please leave us a review on your preferred Podcast app!

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Songs in this Episode:

  • Volcandra – The Blackened Temple
  • Uzlaga – Light of the Moon
  • Suicidal Angels – Virtues of Destruction
  • Karkosa – Domini Sanctum
  • Devastator – Black Witchery
  • Einvigi – Huoma
  • Opeth – Serenity Painted Death

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