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Harsh Vocals – Episode 04 – A.I. In Metal

For our fourth episode, we discussed the topic of A.I. in Metal, following a slew of bands using A.I. for their cover art, and Unleash the Archers using it in every facet of their upcoming album . We each brought our top 3 tracks from the past two weeks to the show and discussed them at length. We also covered a few “Honorable Mentions” because the last two weeks were filled with even more incredible releases than the weeks before. This year has been incredible so far! To close out the show, we discussed a blast from the past – Allegaeon’s “Of Mind and Matrix”. We enjoyed recording this episode and hope you enjoy it as well! If you do, please leave us a review on your preferred Podcast app!

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Songs in this Episode:

  • Torchia – Red Luna Ceremony
  • Griffon – A L’Insurrection
  • Morbid Saint – Pine Tuxedo
  • Litosth – Whipping Bottles
  • Vanir – Call to Arms
  • Eternal Storm – A Giant Bound to Fall
  • Allegaeon – Of Mind and Matrix

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