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Harsh Vocals – Episode 02 – Battle Jackets

For our second episode, we discussed the topic of Battle Jackets including Christian’s history with them, and Justin’s plans for creating one. We each brought our top 3 tracks from the past two weeks to the show and discussed them at length. To close out the show, we discussed a blast from the past – The Covenant’s “Nexus Polaris”. This was a fun episode, and just the beginning of what we have in store. If you enjoy the episode, please leave us a review!

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Songs in this Episode:

  • Svdestrada – Cierzo
  • Abyssal Frost – Hypothermic Amputation
  • Sea of Consciousness – From the Ashes
  • Upon Stone – Dusk Sang Fairest
  • Dark Oath – Gold I (Dawn of Time)
  • Infant Island – Another Cycle
  • The Covenant – The Last of Dragons

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