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Harsh Vocals – Episode 12 – Art vs Artist

For our twelfth episode, we discuss Art vs Artists within Metal. Are we able to separate the music from the musicians, especially if those musicians are questionable? We have strong opinions, and are forgiving towards some and take a harder stance on others.

Of course, we also discuss each of our top three tracks from the past two weeks as well as several outstanding honorable mentions. To close out the show, we play a blast from the past – Children of Bodom’s “Mask of Sanity”, off their album Follow the Reaper. We had a lot of fun with this episode and hope you do too! If so, please leave us a review on your preferred Podcast app! Reviews help us build our audience and help us promote underground music!

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Songs in this Episode:

  • Houle – La Danse Du Rocher
  • Nightrage – A Throne of Melancholy
  • Troops of Doom – Chapel of the Unholy
  • Feigd – Ragnarok
  • Oubliette – With Death’s Shadow
  • Wormwood – Liminal
  • Children of Bodom – Mask of Sanity

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