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Bad things come in 3’s…

Except in this case. Cheesy and misleading, but it’s true.

If this was a tour, It’d be stacked. And I’d be stoked.

Lamb of God, The Black Dahlia Murder, & Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Lamb of God retreading old material with the help of some young guns. Featuring members of Kublai Khan TX & Malevolence – the once Japanese Edition of Lamb of God’s album “Ashes of the Wake.” The song “Another Nail for Your Coffin,” has been revitalized with a vengeance. Vividly remembering the first time spinning the album, only to find out there was even more to the story. While at the time, the record was heavy with what some would call government influenced lyrics or the speaking for the masses with some angry music. It worked. Still works. While I don’t see this as a passing of the torch from or even hinting at some new material from the Lamb of God camp – The band is set to release the 20th Anniversary version of “Ashes of The Wake” on August 30 via Epic Records. Live still one of my favorite bands and has been for many years, the good ol’ Burn The Priest days. Also due out later this month, Mark Morton guitarist for Lamb of God has book releasing entitled “Desolation: A Heavy Metal Memoir” via Hachette Books. Stream this bad boy down below.

It was a shut it down or carry on… My wayward son. Carried on, heaved and over the top rope. The Black Dahlia Murder, the first venture with a new but familiar face on vocals and trying to mask the shadow of mourning with honor to the memory of late vocalist Trevor Strnad. Not only did they do it, this is just the introduction with the single, “Aftermath.” A simultaneous release, announcing a new album, “Servitude” due out on September 27th via the all mighty, Metal Blade records. An early indication, there will be a vast but limited selection of vinyl of the album release in different colors and also being region dependent on the color and merch. A nice gem to add to any vinyl collection I’m sure. You can listen to the new track on the Bands website. Pump that fist as you listen along w/ the link below.

Last, but not least and still searing from today’s release – Fleshgod Apocalypse. While I will admit this band is still fresh to me, each time I hear a new song from them – it feels like the roots run deeper than I thought. The song starts light and plucky – with a little bit of big adventures ahead – rapidly changed into a bombardment of heavy – a well weaved anthem, featuring a clean section of female vocals from Veronica Bordacchini, an Opera singer who also appears to be featured on the cover. The second single for the band, entitled, “Bloodclock”, will be released on the new album, “Opera”, the 6th album and 10 song storybook due out September 23rd via Nuclear Blast records. The Italian natives will also feature a vinyl dawning the colors of their home country. Listen down below.

But I do love and will say seeing the evolving generation pick up the animosity baton and run with it. While my heart will forever be in the circle pit, my knees don’t always agree – but I look forward to catching these bands on the road supporting all of the new material, and old…even if it’s from the occasional mezzanine seat >.<

Until next go round’ \m/

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