Reviews, Interviews, and Podcasts concerning the best Extreme Metal music

Justin Corbett

Justin is a husband, father, a podcaster, a comic creator, and a huge Metal head. Since he was 12, he’s been listening to Metal in some form. Starting with Thrash and Industrial, and growing into a fan of all thing extreme, he has a love of most sub-genres. The only thing he’s very particular about is clean singing… If he doesn’t like the cleans, he won’t listen. For years he’s toyed with the idea of starting this site, and in 2024, he finally pulled the trigger.

Christian Renner

Transplanted failed musician from Germany that has had a love affair with Heavy Metal music for the better part of 40 plus years. A fan of damn near every genre of Metal Music in all its forms. Other loves include My English Bulldog, the Minnesota Vikings (SKOL!), Liverpool FC, LA Kings, Chicago Blackhawks and FC Kaiserslautern. Firm believer in trying to make the world a better place in any way you can each and every day. Listen to music and fill your soul with happiness but most importantly…


Raul Perez

Heavy music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, my older brother was always blasting CC and slayer. I made the typical journey from Nu Metal to Metalcore to big label bands and finally to wonderful world of the indy/underground/diy metal, grind, and hardcore scenes. I love going to shows, discovering new bands, buying too many records and merch items. Raw Black, War, Dissonant and Cavernous Death, Grind, Mince, Powerviolence, Hardcore Punk, Beatdown, Noise, Drone and plenty more are my genre favs when it comes to Harsh Vocals.

??????????, HAIL CATS, DIY FOREVER – @Moldydinosaur on IG